Natural, the way Bold Men look and behave, walk and talk, smell and attract. That’s the bold characteristic of each and every ingredient we use to make our products. No chemicals or artificial elements. All is organic and real for real men.


Healthy, physically and mentally, to give a firm handshake or make chest bump in Bold Men society. Bold yourself up as a physically fit and strong man, a warrior and protector, king of mountain and conqueror. Get in shape and take care your beard is in shape. Dominate with genuine masculinity.


Our products are handcrafted but still brutal. Because they are made with hands and power of tough guys. We believe no machine can handle that spirit and confidence that prevails in creating men body and face care attributes.


Not you nor your beard have to fit in norms or frames. So make your beard, your body, your body language BOLD. Let your boldness go before you and make the people know the MAN walks in the door. Have swagger. Have pep in your step and don’t be afraid to release/express your bold sexuality.

About us

Each of us act out a microcosm of everyday struggle in our personal growth decisions. Today, in the world of hesitation and vulnerability you need to feel confidence and the strongest parts of your essence, value the importance of strength.
Focus on what matters more. This series of skincare for men will make you dive into the next challenge. Challenge of being strong, being brave, being BOLD.
All the products consist of natural and organic ingredients. Products that do not reduce the masculinity of the owner of these series, but reveals the audacity of a character.
From beard oil to gel scrub, from soap to shampoo – be ready to break to hell the stereotypes of real men. Facial hair is an index to changing ideas over time of what was meant to be a man. The history of man is written on his face. Now it’s time to BOLD it and make it legendary.
Do not be afraid to show your alpha-male-ness through your thoughts, actions or physically through your beard. Believe us, size matters. Size of your beard matters.


Beard oil is the highest quality organic oil that has nourishing and smoothing effect for your beard. Smooth and healthy growth of facial hair and a pleasant aroma. They give facial hair both a fabulous scent and a healthy appearance. Keep your beard conditioned and shiny, help to soften and hydrate.


This fresh and light aroma makes your beard shiny and hydrated. Imagine yourself in a big, wild beach, stepping into the white and warm sand, feeling summer breeze. Ready to throw yourself into the abyss of large waves? Here you go.

Mad man

Crazy about your ideas and ready make them happen? We spared no expense to build this natural oil of cedarwood and patchouli. Essential oil of patchouli has bactericidal properties, as well as aromatherapy.


We all know how good coconut can smell. We have blended it with a sedative and tonic almond. The oil is good for application to the skin as an emollient. Whether you are a Bon Cop or Bad Cop, this oil should not leave you.


Be the part of nature. Exhibit the pride in each your work, your physical strength and masculinity. Make the world know about your individualism. Step right into a forest. We have blended unique and complex scents of deep and rich ylang-ylang, burning and strong clove, fresh citrus and Muscat-sage. This impudent and the same time warm aroma make your beard fresh and soft.

White collar

Classy, aristocratic and self-made man, ready to surprise with impeccable taste and sense of humor. Let’s make the “conspicuous inconspicuousness” your credo. This classic perfect aroma is the best choice for unique and light appearance of yours.


Deeply cleans the beard and hair. This shampoo has soften effect, at the same time is substantial enough to handle with curly facial hairs.


We created this finest conditioner, which you can use for both beard and hair. The conditioner has nutritious and moisturize effect for your beard, giving you growth control and styling tool.

Gel Scrub

The series of scrub was created to help you to reveal the new and healthy skin. The Chia seeds permeate into your skin by cleaning and moisturizing it. Use this scrub two times a week.

California Lovе

The Muscat aroma and the summer vibes of this smell revive in you the desire to feel free and enjoy the life. Be ready to party hard.

Dark Grizzly

We mixed the cinnamon and citrus to make you comfortable and confident. It is the smell of a man who work hard and know what he deserves.

Big Foot

Classic and sexy aroma of Big Foot is like a fresh toning breeze, smelling the aromas of ocean and freedom. It is the smell of success.

This series of soap are created to make your skin soft. It cleans, hydrates, and moisturizes in just one shower. Simplicity is key. Three different smells make your skin cleaned without drying it out.


Mixed of honey and honeydew melon creates worthy for man’s face bar with deep rich lather.

Dragon Fruit

With a gritty texture due to poppy seeds and Shea oil this soap exfoliates your skin and protects it from the biting wild and cold when you go ski.

Cookie Monster

To wash or to eat? That’s the question. The combination of orange and chocolate will not leave you indifferent. Stay strong for your voracious appetite.
Best for your body originally occurred from African black soap, now contains roasted oatmeal.

Beard balm is a styling and shaping aid. It is so good in moisturizing your facial hair, providing hold for styling and making your beard look thicker. All the ingredients are natural and do not provoke your skin. Take out a small amount of balm and grate between your hands. Run your fingers through your facial hair, starting from the neck and getting upper, making sure to grate the balm into the skin where your beard grows.

Ice Tea

Thousands of years ago the most brutal indigenous man already had idea of bunch of benefits tea tree oil, the main ingredient of this balm, has. He has used it as a remedy for dandruff, acne, lice, herpes, and other infections. The man knew a thing or two about real man skin care. Now it’s your turn to take care of your brutalness like he did.

Old Fashioned

products/shampoo-conditioner-scrub/Cocoa butter and citrus, chocolate and orange, that old but gold mix that might threaten with danger of rampant desire if not be eaten but to be licked “from top to toe”. But that’s not all trouble. Aftertaste your beard leaves will be like a sugar cube doused in whiskey and got wet with drops of cut orange. So be careful with this balm.

Sex on the beach

The components of this balm are ylang-ylang and muscat. The first one that is known for its antidepressant and aphrodisiac features. Aphrodisiac is there for you to turn on your sex drive and feel the freshness like you would do on holidays at the beach. And antidepressant is to drive away your anxiety and cover you with relaxed joyful mood like after sex on the beach.


Cinnamon, cloves, pine oil and wine, what we got is, like a hot girl poured some gluhwein on your beard while flirting with you. You will feel slight tingling putting balm on, like after her kiss, that is because it hits your blood circulation and make you feel even more alive. And now she left but you still have that warmth of her breath on your skin.

Rusty Nail

Pine and cloves, born in nature to take you back where the real man was curved from rocks. Put the balm on your beard and find yourself in a pinewood with a glass of genuine Scotch whisky to clear your mind and take a deep breath to climb a new vertex, higher than ever before.


Fix your face hair with our bone brush. It is more than a styling tool.


Choose the right brush. We know what works best for you. Gorgeous in design this wooden hair styler is ideal choice for your beard.

Gift Packages

Whether he is a doctor or a fisherman, student or a traveler, he is a man, and we know what he needs. Our exclusive customized packages for him.

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Our product includes flavor additives consisting natural essential and frangrance oils that can irritate skin of some people,depending on its characteristics.Therefor,before using ,we recommend you to test it with small amount. After being convinced of its safety you can use the product.